About Us

Tina began buying test strips in the local St. Louis area in March of 2012 when she noticed there was a gap in our healthcare system.

Many medical supplies go to waste every day in our country while others can’t get the medical help they need. One area that we can make a difference in is diabetic supplies.

We put together a system to buy the excess and put money in the pockets of people who may have too many diabetic supplies but are short in other areas. Whether you’re a person who just simply doesn’t want to throw something away that could useful to someone else in need, or you just needs some cash, we’ve got you covered. We found the needs and demand of what we do was very much a necessity. Matt was added to our team in 2015.

We are very much a part of the diabetic industry in this area. We have been blessed and appreciate all of the lives we have touched and continue to touch each day.

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