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FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

When and how do I get paid?2019-01-23T21:46:19-05:00

Payment is sent to you the next business day after your package has been received. We can pay you via business check, money order, or PayPal. You decide how you would like to be paid.

Who pays for shipping?2019-01-23T21:46:40-05:00

We pay for all shipping costs and will provide a box if you need one.

Should I remove pharmacy labels?2019-01-23T21:47:19-05:00

No, please don’t. We prefer that you leave the pharmacy labels on for us to remove. We have a method of removal that will not damage the box. This ensures that you will get the most money for your test strips. To protect your privacy, you can cover your personal information with a black sharpie, just make sure you don’t write on the box.

How can I trust that I’ll get paid?2019-01-23T21:47:52-05:00

We provide shipping methods that allow you to track your package the entire way back to us. Once received and checked in, a text message can be sent to you to let you know that your payment has been processed and is being sent back to you. You can reach us via phone or email at any point during the transaction to check the status of your package and/or payment.

Is it legal to sell my diabetic test strips?2019-01-23T21:48:09-05:00

Yes it is legal to sell your test strips. Diabetic test strips are an over the counter medical supply. Therefore, they can be legally sold to a third party without a prescription.