Diabetic Testing Strip Buyer in Saint Joseph, Illinois

Are you a sufferer of Diabetes? Working with retail pharmacies for your test strips and other supplies can sometimes be a major financial strain. Cash for Diabetic Strips can help! We will buy your testing strips in Saint Joseph, Illinois.

We buy many major brands of strips, including AccuCheck, AccuCheck Aviva Plus, Freestyle Lite, OneTouch Ultra Blue, Contour, AccuCheck Compact Plus, and many others. We can work with you to get you the cash you need, be it for electric bills, offsetting copay costs, or you’re just wanting a little extra money this month.

Since diabetic testing strips are an over the counter medical supply, they’re completely legal to sell! Why pay so much for your supplies at the pharmacy if you aren’t going to use them all? We offer cash money for many different brands of strips in the greater St. Louis, MO area.

No matter your variation of diabetes – juvenile, adult-onset, or gestational, we can purchase your remaining strips at fair market prices. We can get you paid on time – and all you have to do is mail your strips to our PO box or contact us for local pickup (if you’re within a half hour of the great St. Louis area)!

Our process is simple, hassle free, and completely legitimate. Just contact Tina or Matt for any questions, or click here to learn about our business!